Rationale 1.5.4

Rationale 1.5.4: Critical thinking, argument mapping and structured mind mapping tool Rationale is the first high-quality "argument processing" software. Use Rationale to create "argument maps", diagrams of reasoning and argument. Rationale will help students learn the fundamentals of good reasoning, critical thinking, and argumentative essay writing.

No-Frills Command Line Unzipper 1.05: A Simple Command Line Unzipper - Does not Require Operators or Switches
No-Frills Command Line Unzipper 1.05

argument order. The first argument is the zip file, the second is the unarchive folder and the third and more are files to be unarchived. If the second argument is extension-less, it is interpreted as a folder. Also note if no extension-less argument is provided in the second position the unzip folder is the current one. Several files to be unzipped can be placed in the 3rd, 4th, 5th etc arguments with a space as a separator (or 2nd, 3rd etc if no

encrypt, script, programming, archive, simple, command line, unzip

GraphiXT GraphiXT is a data analysis software and numerical computing environment

GraphiXT is a data analysis software and numerical computing environment. The original purpose of GraphiXT was to facilitate study of time dependences of a large number of interdependent quantities. Consequently, graphs displayed by GraphiXT are of two types: graphs of functions f(t), whose argument is time, and graphs of functions f(x,t), whose arguments are coordinate and time. However, the actual meaning of arguments is up to the user.

computational programming, 1d charge transport simulation, nonlinear fitting

QualityTime 4.08: Quality Time lets you limit PC usage to particular times of the day
QualityTime 4.08

Quality Time solves all of those arguments about computer usage in the home. Now you can limit usage to particular times of the day, and limit individuals to an amount of time within those periods, without having to have an argument. Quality Time also generates a simple report of computer usage for each user for the past week. Just login as the administrator, click the report button, and paste it into your word processor or spreadsheet.

scheduling, time, children, computer addiction, argument, parental control, share, access control, limit, computer

Exe Wrapper 2.2: Protect exe file; Alert the main icon of executable file. Bind arguments to exe.
Exe Wrapper 2.2

( ) Exe Wrapper allows you to protect any Exe-file with its own password from non-authorized execution. And it can modify the main icon of the .exe file. Exe Wrapper can change the main icon of executable file. Exe Wrapper can also bind special argument to an Exe-file.If you don`t want to go on wrapping the exe-file, you can unwrap the exe file to original exe-file with this software. [ ]

chang exe main icon, protect executable file, bind argument, exe password, lock exe

PDF Chart Creator Command Line Tool 1.4: PDF Chart Creator creates charts as PDF from the command line or a batch file
PDF Chart Creator Command Line Tool 1.4

PDF Chart Creator Command Line Tool will convert data into a bar, pie, line, area chart PDF document. The chart creation process is initiated by calling PDFChart.exe directly from the command line or batch file, with parameters that control it`s operation. The parameters can either be passed as arguments or, more usefully, by using one or more "command" files that are themselves passed as arguments or referenced from within other "command" files.

create pdf graphs, area chart, line chart, pie chart, pdf chart creator, pdf graph creator, set bookmarks, password protect, royalty free, create pdf charts, bar chart

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RTCalcExpress 1.0

arguments and to have the unlimited quantity of the arguments. The arguments suppose any level of an enclosure i.e. these can consist of the expressions, other functions etc. A list of the arguments consists in parentheses. A name of the FDU function is not case sensitivity. A maximal length of the expression corresponds to the length of the Delphi data type AnsiString. The expression can be divided on substrings, which will be calculated one after

calculating expressions, expressions, delphi components, rtcalcexpress, components, run time, delphi, calculate

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